Friday, June 12, 2009

Poetry Friday (15)

To whom it may concern:

So, I was in NYC, and I have now returned. I have a huge amount of things to say about the Big Apple, so expect a few blog's from me soon. If they don't come soon, come pester me, because I will confess right now that the sheer amount of blog text I need to write is intimidating the trousers off me.

Oh, and here is my poetry Friday poem:

Sunrise of a Thousand Smiles

Sunrise of a thousand smiles
like the bright eyes of a morning
as if velvet beneath silken skin
or angel hair of cloud splitting rays.

Ocean eyes in glimmering night
like the midnight embers of the heart
as if passion played on patience
or the happy tail at a returning door.

And in this splash of repose
he turns in the warmth and
yawns, stretching on the sun-
bleached carpet, splashed with
dark stains rubbed now only to
another Persian pattern.

And a soft panting in the evening,
gives way to embracing sleep, and
dreams of sunlit days before, safe
in the knowledge that this will
last beyond the ivy stones,
and red cave buffaloes, and
geometric mountains in the Egyptian

Sunrise of a thousand smiles
like the blessing of an autumn breeze
as if forever was stuck in a day
or all the heart was one moment.

Until I next write,

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