Friday, April 10, 2009

Poetry Friday (6)

To whom it may concern:

Every Friday I'll post one poem that I wrote. Here's my poem for this Friday.

A Bus Ride...

I stare behind the windows, hand on chin

but for all the world cannot remember

what is blurring by so fast.

I am a thought mummy, wrapped in my mind

and dead to the rest of the world.

I have found two paths diverging

and I would take the one less traveled by

if I could see which one it was

through my open blinded eyes.

We come to stop and again doors open

I step out and leave myself behind.

eyes in the ground, I walk my weighted steps

to nowhere, and with nothing there to find.

promises I could never keep wander

between empty ears and blank expressions.

I am being pulled apart, and amazed,

see that I am the stranger tearing at my limbs.

These thoughts are sweated out of me like rain

across my very skin, refugees of a tortured mind.

How long it has been, can not be forever.

But for the fraying at my thoughts

it has been infinity and back again.

Later guys,


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