Friday, April 17, 2009

Poetry Friday (7)

To whom it may concern:

Every Friday I'll post one poem that I wrote. Here's my poem for this Friday.

What Happened on Wednesday

Like all storms, calm before.

Then heat behind the eyes,

the brewing bile boils in the

cold chambers of the heart.

I hear it. The growling at

the mouth of it's bitter-black den.

Blood pushes through tightened veins.

So fall the floodgates.

A fury-red hell-borne thunder-breaking rage

the roaring-vortex tunnel-vision hate

froth-at-the-tongue burning-world

charred-love-soul-eating holocaust.


Fie! Fie! I defy you wrath!

You vile tempter, you black incubus!

The hollow fruit in hand, I defy you!

But lost.

Free-wrought by open tongues of flame,

the copper taste still poisoning my teeth,

I have, inebriated, lain waste to all I love.

And now stare on this desolate plain,

still miraged by swirling madness,

thrown off from embers cast by this

malignant tempest.

It rumbles; not yet lost over the horizon.

Leave me Wrath... Begone...

Realization. Sadness. Embitterment. Acceptance.



Like a calm before a storm.

Later guys,


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