Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Share the load!

To whom it may concern:

Hello everyone. It seems as though it has been awhile since I last posted, I don't actually think it has been that long in terms of days, but I have had a lot going on. It's getting near the end of the semester and everything seems to have piled up. It's weird how sometimes when you have so much going on it seems as though more time has past than really has. So I suppose if all of you are busy too, then it has been awhile since I posted.

Actually, on the topic of people's concept of time I will share with you a tidbit of wisdom from one of my English teachers. Bit of an odd fellow actually, but he had some funny, and some wise things to say. We were discussing immortality as a theme in literature, and the blessings and curses of living forever, and mentioned the he had determined the best way to live a long and happy life. All of his students wanted to hear this secret so he told us this: “You know how it feels like time moves more slowly when you are bored” class: “yes” teacher: “Well that's the secret. If you live your entire life being bored, it will feel like it is going much much slower than everyone else's. The only trick then is to find a way to be happy being bored, and you will live a long an happy life.” Take that as you will.

So I was talking to one of my friends yesterday, and we were reminiscing about a Lord of the Rings marathon we had had a while ago. It was a ten hour Lotr-fest complete with pizza and blankets, and with 12 good friends some of the random things that were said that night will go down in inside joke history. In our discussing this event we were talking about one of the inside jokes, a line we all found to be particularly funny, for no particular reason: Samwise Gamgee's “Share the load.” Of course there is no way to convey through writing the hilarity contained within this overly drawn out plea to help Frodo with the burden of the ring. In any case, I come to the reason I brought this up: to show you my work of art, referencing this line:

It is okay if you don't think it's funny. I do.

Anyway, I will have another review soon, until then,

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