Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am Camad Arysil

To whom it may concern:

Hey all.

So, I was having an interesting conversation today, and I thought I would share. So my friend noticed that some people, for one reason or another, are first name and last name people.

Think about it.

Ok. Done?

It's weird isn't it? For example, I would never refer to John Green as John, nor would I call him Green, or even Mr. Green. He is John Green, almost like it's one word: Johngreen. Or me, for instance. I have a more flexible name. Some people call me by my first name, some use both, and some just call me by my last.

I can think of some more examples:

First name only people: Jesus, William, Cleopatra, Alexander, Barney, etc.

Last name only people: Obama, Reagan, Hearst, and others.

First and Last name together people: Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, Jack Black, Chuck Norris, etc.

Also a sub-conversation about names spawned from this one. One of my friends went on a long tangent about how to find your Star Wars name:

Take the first three letters from the name of the town you were born in, add to that the first two letters of your first name. Thats you Star Wars first name. Then you take the last three letters of your mothers name and add to that the first three letters of your favorite color.

My Star Wars name: Camad Arysil

My brother's name: Madal Aryred

My Girlfriend's name: Sange Ldapur

Cool, huh?

Anyway, I'm off, but I have something planned to talk about soon, so, until then, best wishes.


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