Friday, March 6, 2009

Poetry Friday (1)

To whom it may concern:

I was thinking the other day that I should post some of my poems. I'm in this creative writing class at school and we've been writing a lot of poetry. Critics are always welcomed!


I saw three men
far out on the starry sea,
riding tattered sails
and broken hulls;
they did not notice
the tempest fury.
they only wrapped themselves
in each other's words,
back and forth
frothing mouths spitting

Their blue-green boat
pitched and bucked them,
to shake them from their wrath,
but the men just took a tighter grip,
and then fought that much harder.
They yawned the cords,
and dragged the ropes,
but not to hold the course.
They fought to break her hull to splinters,
and bury each other's bones.
Each would sink the boat for all,
if he could not take the wheel,
back and again,
the blue boat and the men

One man had gold
one man had god
the third had envy
for the other two.
And the blue boat
pitched and rocked,
as the fearsome battle raged.
One fell to another
one fell to himself
the last was helpless,
taken by the boat,
as she sunk in the starry sea,

Later guys,


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