Friday, March 13, 2009

Poetry Friday (2)

To whom it may concern:

Every Friday I'll post one poem that I wrote. Here's my poem for this Friday.

Midnight Poet

Twelve hours from twelve

the ink dips the quill

and the words paint on parchment

of a blank white computer screen.

Half past halfway to two
Miracles scatter from a fraying mind

dance in circles on the squeaky swivel chair

and go their separate ways.

Ten half dozen minutes to three

a tired heart quickly pounds the beat

to noteless songs and ballads,

keeping time with the metronome cursor.

A quarter to a quarter on the clock

an cast of ideas and a crew of images

work their acts and scenes

into life, on a stage of metered lines.

Half a day before noon

the midnight poet scratches away

with his metaphor quill, and imagery ink,

while the handless clock ticks away in his mind.

Later guys,


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